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Dutch people consume more licorice on the planet than any other people in the world.

Dropjes is a Dutch candy, AKA: "Drop". In Holland almost everybody loves licorice. On average they consume over 2kg of drop licorice per person per year! The average Dutch person eats approximately four pounds of it per year, making them the largest consumers of salty licorice in the world. There’s only a few Dutch people whose mouths don’t start watering when they see drop licorice. Seriously, the Dutch boast over 80 different types of licorice.

Here are just 20:

1. Zoute drop (salty licorice)

2. Zoete drop (sweet licorice)

3. Dubbelzout (double salty licorice)

4. Laurier drop (bay leaf licorice)

5. Honing drop (honey licorice)

6. Menthol drop (menthol licorice)

7. Katjes drop (cat-shaped licorice)

8. Schoolkrijt (school chalk licorice)

9. Muntdrop (coin-shaped licorice)

10. Oma's snoep drop (grandma's candy licorice)

11. Kaper drop (caper licorice)

12. Fruity drop (fruit-flavored licorice)

13. Strafwerk (punishment licorice)

14. Harlekijntjes (Harlequin-shaped licorice)

15. Kikkers (frog-shaped licorice)

16. Kattenkoppen (cat head-shaped licorice)

17. Kokindjes (calf-shaped licorice)

18. Sallos drops (Sallos-brand licorice)

19. Katjang pedis (spicy peanut licorice)

20. Salmiak knotsen (salmiak-shaped licorice)

What are your favorite licorice candies? Do you like the classic dropjes, or do you prefer something a little more unique? Perhaps you enjoy the sharp taste of Salmiak knotsen, or the spiciness of katjang pedis. Maybe you have a soft spot for the adorable kattenkoppen or kikkers, or you prefer the classic taste of Harlekijntjes. And let's not forget about the punishment licorice known as Strafwerk, or the satisfying chewiness of Sallos drops. There are so many different licorice treats to choose from – which drops do you like best? We like to call this one the “gateway” drop, it’s our favorite! It has a little bit of fruit flavor for those who are not addicted to 100% licorice. It’s the “Red Brand Fruit Duos”.

Tell us your favorite.

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