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Abbotsford Delicatessen

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Savour The Difference a Local Delicatessen Makes

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Deli Abbotsford

BC Sausages

At Karls Meats, we pride ourselves in providing first-class quality sausages made by Grimm's Fine Foods, Freybe and Continental Sausage. Grimm’s guarantees that our products contain absolutely no fillers or bi-products. Freybe's award winning recipes are focused on great flavours, quality ingredients, and elevating all occasions with handcrafted, European style meats. Continental Sausage has been quietly making the finest quality European delicatessen products possible for over half a century. Continental Sausage is exclusive to British Columbia and found nowhere else.

We carry a wide variety of sausages, including but not limited to:

  • Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Smokies

  • Pepper Stick

  • Cervelat

  • Landjaegar

  • Farmers Sausage

  • Orriginal Bavarian Smokies

  • Hot Pepperoni

  • Mild Pepperoni

  • Pizza Pepperoni

  • Kolbassa

  • European Wieners & Smokies

  • Beef Jerky


Grimm's tries to make their products as low in salt and fat as possible and offers many options that are gluten, lactose, and soy-free with no MSG added. Freybe has over 177 years of delicious in the making.

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